The Yocan Uni Pro is the newly updated version of the extremely popular Yocan Uni! Yocan has made several improvements to this device which make it an even better performer in the world of 510 vaporizers. Firstly they incorporated a OLED screen which allows you to adjust the voltage between 2.0-4.2V in increments of 0.1V. Just like the previous model the Uni Pro has an adjustable chamber opening and adjustable height. There is a bar on the side of the device which can be moved up and down to adjust for the size of your cartridge. The chamber opening on this device is the biggest one we have seen so far, there is no cartridge on the market that will not be able to fit inside the Uni Pro. The Pro is used just like any other box style 510 vaporizer, attach the included magnetic adapter to the bottom of your cartridge and drop it in the chamber and vape! There’s a 10 sec pre-heat function which is activated with a quick double tap of the button.

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